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Social Spacing – Safe Coronavirus Canteens

How can you ensure your staff are adhering to the 2 metre apart rule when in social spaces such as canteens?

Recent government advice means that current breakout areas/ workspaces/ canteens etc are no longer fit for use. Traditional seating in these areas, especially canteens, is often cramped together, making it extremely difficult to comply with the social distancing that we are all currently observing.

Social Spacing Safe Coronavirus Canteens


MPS  has come up with a simple design for SAFE CORONAVIRUS CANTEENS who have been experiencing demand for seating to NHS establishments.

We usually supply and hire large amounts of furniture to schools, including exam desks and chairs. Due to schools being closed and exams being suddenly cancelled this year, we have a huge amount of readily available stock, no longer required by educational establishments, that we can supply to help those needing further welfare capacity. Perfect for businesses or NHS centres who have had to employ extra staff to help out with crucial key worker roles.

Coronavirus can live on the surfaces we touch, eat and sit on for a long period of time. This is why experts tell us that it is paramount that surfaces are wiped down regularly. The EN One chair is one piece plastic and is very easily wiped down, the choice of many schools all over the world. They are readily available for immediate delivery.

We also have high stocks of folding exam desks. Traditionally used staggered in an exam hall to ensure students are far enough apart, they measure 600 x 600, ideal for one person to sit at on their own to eat their lunch or work. They can be placed sufficiently far apart to ensure safe, social distancing and can be easily wiped down before and after use and neatly stored away if required.

We are eager to help in any way that we can in this pandemic. So, instead of storing furniture that is not going to be used by hard working students this year, we would love to see them being utilised by hard working key workers who are selflessly keeping our nation going at this incredibly difficult time.

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