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Schools Embracing New Remote Learning

The methodology of teaching and use of  technologies are always changing in a digital world, and in these strange times it is being used increasingly more frequently, this has led to schools embracing new remote learning techniques.  The pandemic took us all by surprise in both business and education.

Where we prepared enough to adapt?

We have had to move quickly to introduce more technology into out working day, incorporating methods such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Skype to continue operating our businesses to an efficient level of working. Education however has found it the hardest in how to educate children remotely to provide them with a good level of learning, now it’s about finding ways to streamline learning remotely, or enhance lesson delivery in the classroom when they return.

With many existing collaborative teaching methods and interactive technologies, many lessons are already centred around digital learning experiences both in and outside the classroom environment. But we have to remember that there are a great number of schools that were maybe not ready and have struggled to keep in touch with their children.

Our teachers in the UK, and teachers all over the world, have a great influence on our children throughout their school life to develop them into the adults they will be – but these testing times have proved difficult for them to carry on the fantastic work they do. 

interactive screen for schools

Video conferencing has proved invaluable since schools around the UK closed due to the pandemic and online teaching is going to be  an essential part of  schooling for the foreseeable future. But many schools have not had the ability to put this technology into practise and have had to rely on software such as google classroom to send work to children at home. From my experience of using this method it has been successful to a point, but the children don’t have the interaction with the teachers, and it relies on parents completing the work – which can be difficult to give them the same amount of time needed due to working commitments.

But if a school was able to use video conferencing this could be used for lesson delivery direct to their full class or individuals.

The teacher could  host a live-streamed lesson every day, allowing children in the class and learners at home to see each other, chat and then listen. Even if this lesson is missed, it can be recorded and shared with those who couldn’t attend. Teachers can collaborate through video conferencing and joint editing software. Teachers can also plan times when they check in on individual or groups throughout the day.

The advantage of this is that children are working on the same projects, as they would do the classroom. By using this technology we are enhancing the child’s interactivity and collaboration with the teacher, in turn ceating better learning environments.  Currently we are at nearly 5 months of school closures and many children are missing out on good education, not to say parents teaching is not up to standard (but from my experience with all the time you give your children it is not the same as a trained teaching techniques), a child needs routine and by embracing these technologies it can provide them with a sense of some kind of classroom setting.

How as a teacher/parent have you coped with the home teaching? How have your children reacted to a lessons in a non-classroom environment ?


With  no guarantee that schools will be back to full in September (although just announced this may now happen @bbcnews) many schools are looking at how they can improve  teaching using remote learning.  Many are using technology such as Promethean screens in the classroom using software designed for lesson delivery on an interactive display to engage with their class. With a selection  of inbuilt tools, teachers can also use this software to deliver lessons remotely.

For example, if you use ActivInspire, you can browse, edit and share lessons with your class from home/school. There’s also the ability to use the screen recorder function to deliver and record remote lessons, as if you were in the classroom with your pupils. This means teachers can use their in-class teaching methods remotely to the homes of children no matter where they are, meaning valuable education is not missed.

If you would like to learn more how we can incorporate new technology into your school please call out team on 0800 999 6061. We offer FREE CONSULTATIONs and FREE DEMONSTRATIONS on how the screen can work for you.

We would love to hear about your experiences with remote/home teaching? Please add your comments below.

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